Olive Leaf

Olive oil is well known for its flavor and health benefits but the leaf has been used medicinally as well.

Organic Olive Leaves

No chemicals are used on these leaves.

Since we have so many organic leaves on Finca La Capellania during the harvest, I thought I’d search around the web to see what I can learn and I found the following on wikipedia.org:

 A liquid extract made directly from fresh olive leaves recently gained international attention when it was shown to have an antioxidant capacity almost double green tea extract and 400% higher than vitamin C. Bioassays support its antibacterial, anti-fungal, and anti-inflammatory effects at a laboratory level.

Olive leaf extract (OLE) is made from ground-up olive leaf then brewed into a liquid. Some people just put the ground-up powder into capsule or pill form. And others combined the extract with olive oil and/or other oils to make soap and skin creams.

As I said earlier, our olive oil comes from organic olive trees where absolutely no chemicals are used on the trees, fruits or the soil. So if you’d like to get your hands on these hard to find leaves, we have a lot of them. In the mean time I am still trying to learn if the jack and jenny ass eats olive leaves or not.

Jenny Ass And Baby

There must be jack ass somewhere around the estate because this jenny has a baby…

Olive Oil Production

Olive Oil Production


Diego is the boss at the estate

Diego is the estate boss and he takes care of the milling capacity and schedules the process so that the olives don’t have to wait around after being harvested.

Olives In A Bucket

Each bucket of olives weighs 27 kilos

He waits for the buckets of olives to arrive the at the mill. I try not to get in his way too much when I am there so he can do his thing.  The first thing he does after the olives arrive here at the mill is to clean them.

Leaf Remover

Leaf remover

One of the tools we use for cleaning the olives is the leaf remover. We made this apparatus by hand and it does a good job. After the olives have been picked from that point on is a race against time.  We want the best possible oil so the olives must be pressed within the first couple of hours after being harvested.

After the olives are cleaned they are placed into the hopper that sits on top the press.

Olives In Press Hopper

Olives in the hopper on top the press

The hopper only allows a certain amount of olives to be pressed at a time and the process is slow. Everything gets crushed in the press and you can hear the commotion from outside the milling room. Then there is the smell of freshly crushed olives.

First oil

First drop of oil…

The only thing to do at this point is to wait for the oil to start pouring into the strainer with a piece of bread in your hand.

Finca La Capellanía extra virgin olive oil is made from olives grown on our Finca La Capellanía estate. This is the only way for us to guarantee a 100% organic extra virgin olive oil. Beside we have neither jenny nor jack asses working round the clock on the estate as was done in the past to press other people’s olives. We use a small all in one press I purchased in Italy and it can only press between 60 and 80 kilos per hour.

The oil is then placed in stainless steel containers and left to settle for about a month, at which point it is then bottled at the farm.

750ml Finca La Capellania Organic Extra Virgin Olive OilAfter it’s all said and done, this is what we will have to offer January 1st, 2013.  As the oil is unfiltered, it is normal to see a small deposit at the bottom of the bottles and the quality is second to none.

If you would like to place an order within the US then contact the friendly folks at: Paumanok Vinyards in Long island New York.